Social Security Consultation

Social Security Consultation

For many investors, Social Security represents an enormous financial asset and one of the most important financial decisions any American may make.  However, many people do not receive advice about when or how to claim their Social Security benefits or the strategies that exist to help maximize this critical source of income in retirement.  At Bruce G. Allen Investments, LLC, we believe it is of paramount importance to help our clients make the right decision when it comes to this financial milestone.

We begin with a deep, personal, and sophisticated consultation to review your personal Social Security fact pattern and the current applicable rules.  When tax or legal advice is required, we will work with your tax and legal advisors. 

Sometimes in this discovery process, we find benefits the client may not have ever known they were entitled to.  We explain in plain English what benefit claim options they have and they can maximize their benefits, both for themselves and their families.  We review their personal Social Security situation to make sure they understand how their decisions will affect them—now and in the future.

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